Our Story

Hey Friends of Chilao, Chilao was born out of our shared passion for adventure and craftsmanship. Inspired by our own backyard, the Angeles National Forest, we set out to build a brand that celebrates the joy of discovery and offers goods worthy of accompanying you on every adventure.

Chilao's craftsmanship prioritizes heritage and American-made goods. We create products that embody durability, functionality, and timeless style - qualities we seek ourselves. Crafted from mostly US-made deadstock materials, our items boast robustness and a built-in history. This intentional approach ensures each piece carries the legacy of quality and tradition, embodying rugged elegance and pride in American craftsmanship.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope this is just he beginning of a long, fulfilling journey together.

Our Mission

At Chilao, our mission is simple: to craft goods that stand the test of time and stir an urge to use them every time they catch your eye.

Our Lifetime Repair Promise

When you choose Chilao, you're not just buying a product – you're investing in a lifetime of adventure. That's why we offer a lifetime repair promise on all of our goods.

Origin of the Name "Chilao"

There wouldn’t be Chilao without Tiburcio Vasquez - As the story goes, one of Vasquez’s men, Jose Gonzales, lived in a log cabin in the area where the Chilao Visitor Center now stands. Gonzales was guarding the hide-out and horses when a bear came upon him. He battled the huge bear, which he killed using only a knife, earning him the name Chillia--roughly translated as hot stuff. The name evolved into Chilao.